The sinus pilonidalis operation in our practice

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sinus pilonidalis operation

Treatment procedure in the Proctology Practice Munich

From the decision to have an intervention to the end of the healing period

The basic concept of our treatment strategy is an individual approach that fits the patient's findings and requirements. Nevertheless, in the many years that we have been focusing on Pilonidal Sinus, some helpful standards have emerged. In the following, we would like to explain to you when which operation offers the greatest chances of recovery and how the course of treatment can be expected for the individual variants of sinus pilonidalis surgery.

Step 1: Confirm diagnosis of pilonidal sinus

You can also do this yourself

Many patients already know that they have a Pilonidal Sinusor have already had surgery on it. If you are still unclear, you can find out what the typical symptoms are on our Symptoms page and what findings can be expected with this diagnosis on our Images page. 

Step 2: Contact us

Our specialists take care of you personally

The easiest way is to fill out our contact form and use the option to upload findings and pictures of the affected region. When you make an appointment, one of our specialists will check the available information and inform you of a possible treatment concept. You will receive three mails (if necessary, also check your SPAM folder!)

  •  a general infomail, adapted to their previous history
  • a link to an online questionnaire regarding further information, which you can conveniently fill out on your terminal device and send to us anonymously
  • an email with a proposed date. This date will then be reserved for you for the time being. You are welcome to send us a time slot for the desired date if the proposed date does not fit.
  • Acute pain? Then sometimes you don't have much time and the abscess must first be relieved.
With small fistula and favourable localisation

Simple sinusectomy

Often the wound can be closed by suturing

In the case of a type I A and some I B fistulas, sparing excision with wound closure by suturing can be successful, especially if the fistula is located in the upper third of the gluteal fold.

The standard for most fistulas

Pit picking and sinusectomy

Avoid large wound in the midline

The vast majority of fistulas that have not been operated on before are between 3 and 10 cm long and have a diameter of 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm. Especially in the middle and lower third of the gluteal fold, it is crucial to keep the wounds as small as possible in the midline.

Pit Picking Method Info Flyer
Info Flyer Pit Picking / Sinusectomy German

Treatment procedure for pit picking and sinusectomy

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For large defects

Karydakis operation and cleft lift after Bascom

Plan B in case of failure of wound healing or multiple recurrences

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