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We used the turn of the year to switch to modern practice software. Online appointment booking now works smoothly. If you cannot see the embedded window, click on the green "Load content" button or use this link.

If something does not work, please let us know at

Due to the changeover work, we have unfortunately accumulated a large number of unanswered emails, which we will be processing over the next few days. We therefore ask for a little more patience than usual.

ALL-In-One appointment

Examination, consultation and treatment in only one appointment

For patients with a long journey, we offer without obligation to make the time calculation so generous that an operation under local anaesthetic or a laser treatment can take place straight away. The following prerequisites must be fulfilled for this:

  • Information about the treatment, possible alternatives and (usually rare) risks must be provided by telephone and/or e-mail.
  • Sufficient time must be reserved for treatment.
  • An outpatient operation must be painless and low-risk according to medical criteria.
  • The waiver of a further period of reflection or the obtaining of further opinions must be in accordance with your wishes. In case of doubt, it is helpful to obtain a second specialist medical opinion before a desired surgery appointment.

This is how you create a meaningful picture documentation:

For treatment planning it is very helpful if you send us a picture documentation. Try to take two sharp and well-lit pictures of the findings:

  • 1 x general overview as shown in the adjacent figure
  • 1 x buttock pleat
  • if possible detail photo of particularly conspicuous areas
Picture documentation for the planning of the Pilonidal Sinus OP
Please select this image section for the overview image, if necessary spread the buttocks slightly so that the center line is visible.
Detail recording with marked pits
Detailed image of the fistula with marked pits: The deep gluteal fold is the most important area.


You are welcome to send us your request by mail. One of our doctors will take care of your problem as soon as possible.

IV floor in Luitpold block (between Occhio and flower shop)

You will find us in the heart of Munich at Brienner Straße 13. The station of the underground U4 / U5 is directly in front of the door. The parking garage at Salvatorplatz is located behind the Luitpoldblock.

Current information on Covid19 infection protection

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Just in time

Arrive on time, but not significantly before your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive significantly earlier, we ask that you remain outside until shortly before the appointment, provided the weather conditions are acceptable.

Pedestrian path


Please bring only one accompanying person into the practice rooms, if there is a good reason for this (e.g. need for help, underage patients, language problems).

Seal Sterilon Disinfection

Air disinfection

From now on, the air in waiting rooms and treatment rooms will be continuously disinfected by one device each for UV-C and HEPA filtration to reduce aerosols.

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Masking obligation

FFP2 masks are required in the building (especially in the elevator) and in the practice rooms until the end of April. If required, you will receive a mask at cost price.

Disinfect hands


Please disinfect your hands after entering the practice using the dispenser mounted in the hallway.

Corona testing is no longer required for outpatient surgery at the Iatros Clinic.