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Not everything different, but doing a lot better?

I accept this challenge. When the practice was founded in 2012, the focus was on the idea of showing great competence in a very small area. In the tiny intersection between surgery, dermatology and gastroenterology, the often neglected fistula and anal surgery, I want to offer nothing less than the best therapy.

Further training in proctology by the founding member of the German Society for Coloproctology, Prof. Thorolf Hager, was the basis. Further training, congresses and hospitations provided me with the further building blocks of my own therapy concept.


Dr. Bernhard Hofer Surgeon

Practice owner: Dr. med. Bernhard W. Hofer

Specialist for surgery, visceral surgery, proctology

  • Establishment as specialist for surgery 2013
  • Senior physician at the Klinikum Dachau 2008 - 2012
  • Further training at the Klinikum rechts der Isar Munich, the University Hospital Mainz, the Klinikum Starnberg and the Frankenwaldklinik Kronach
  • PhD in 1998
  • State examination - Medical examination 1992
  • Study of human medicine at the LMU Munich 1985 - 1992
  • High school graduation in Sonthofen in the Allgäu 1985
  • married, 3 children

In 2020 I am now building on 28 years of clinical experience. With the surgical practice in the noble Brienner Strasse, we have created a centrally located point of contact in Munich for all patients Pilonidal Sinus affected by a disease. My most important principle remains the will for constant improvement. Standing still is regression.

In 2017 we were recognized as a competence center for proctology by the Professional Association of Proctologists, and in 2019 as a training center for proctology by the Bavarian Medical Association. We are fully accredited by all statutory and private health insurance companies and are licensed to perform outpatient surgery.

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Employed specialists in the practice

Dr. Klaus Bärtl, employed doctor

M.D. Klaus Bärtl

Specialist for Visceral Surgery

In further training as a proctologist, emergency physician. Employed doctor.


Dr. med. Susanne Cobbler

Specialist for surgery

Conservative office hours. Staff doctor.

Team of medical assistants

We take care of your smooth course of treatment

Valdeta Bekjiri

Medical Assistants

Reception, hygiene officer, Medical devices

Elita Duglica

Elita Duglica

Medical Assistants

Reception, Therapy assistant

Anja Pidde MFA

Anja Pidde

Medical Assistants

Laser Therapist, Call Center

Antionietta Zabransky Exam. Nurse

Antonietta Zabransky

Examined nurse

Reception, Medical devices

Timeline of the development of the Pilonidal Sinus Center

The conventional excision of a sinus pilonidalis was the first operation in my further training as a specialist in 1996 when I was an assistant doctor at the University Hospital in Mainz. With the pit-picking operations in Starnberg in 2004, I was one of the first surgeons in Germany to enter completely new territory. A colleague of mine, who was himself Pilonidal Sinus affected, initiated a process of rethinking with his descriptions of the long and painful healing process. In exchange with the pit-picking pioneer John Bascom from the USA, I developed our now successful surgical method.

Conventional operations for Pilonidal Sinus
The "Butcher" method is taught in the specialist training at the University Hospital Mainz: excision with 2 cm "distance to safety
First pit picking operations
In exchange with pioneer John Bascom the first pit picking operations at Starnberg Hospital are a success. The demand for the gentle technique is increasing...
Assistant Medical Director Hospital Dachau
Own consultation hour proctology. First laser operations with the biolitec laser. Retrospective study in the context of a doctoral thesis.
Start in practice
After 20 years of employment in 2 university clinics, 1 clinic of the main focus and 2 clinics of regular care, I arrived in the practice, initially employed by Dr. v. Liebe.
My first laser
The biolitec Ceralas 1470 nm laser for the treatment of fistulas and haemorrhoids is supplied. This makes us the first practice in Munich to offer laser proctology. Experience with it exists since 2011.
Proctological Practice Munich
From the "vascular surgery living room" of PD Dr. Sieghart von Liebe, the Proctological Practice Munich with specialization in proctology and Pilonidal Sinus.
Complete renovation of the practice
The holiday period is used to polish up the practice. 3 weeks of drywall construction, installation and flooring create an elegant ambience in which the patients can feel comfortable.
New surgical and therapeutic laser
The Intros Lina 980 nm 30 W is a powerful laser for rectal surgery and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). A precise tool that supports wound healing!
Expansion of the practice
By taking over and integrating the practice of Dr. Küntscher and employing a further specialist, the capacity is doubled. But soon the appointment calendar is full again...
Certificate Competence Center Proctology
Competence Center Proctology
The appointment as a competence centre by the Professional Association of Coloproctologists (BCD) acknowledges the quality and quantity of our treatments. A wonderful recognition!
Authorization for further training in proctology
Dr. Bernhard Hofer is fully accredited for further training in the additional title of proctology by the Bavarian State Medical Association.
The blue laser
The Intros Dios 470 nm laser opens up new possibilities. The blue laser light cuts even more precisely and avoids bleeding. Optimal tissue protection ensures shorter healing time.
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Bar chart on the development of patient numbers
Development of patient numbers with diagnosis Pilonidal Sinus
We've just been presented with the Doctena Award excellent

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