How can you Pilonidal Sinus avoid one?

Some advice can be derived from the risk factors mentioned on how to perhaps prevent the occurrence of one Pilonidal Sinusat all. Be sure to stand up more often if you have to sit for long periods and prefer well-padded chairs. Some employers now make adjustable desks available on request, so that you can spend part of your daily working time standing up. This is also healthy for circulation and metabolism.

If you are prone to strong hair growth or if family members are affected by a pilonidal sinus, preventive laser hair removal in the coccyx region can be useful. Since a pilonidal sinus is usually caused by ingrown hair, permanent hair removal in the coccyx region is the best way to prevent the disease. With a modern diode laser, the hair can be removed painlessly, quickly and lastingly.

It is also recommended to take a shower once a day and rinse out the gluteal folds. This allows loose hair and textile particles to be removed before they can lead to problems.

Especially if you as a smoker are already affected by fistulas (coccyx region, flexural fold of the groin, armpit), you should definitely give up smoking. We will be happy to advise you on how to avoid the typical mistakes of giving up smoking.