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Info - Flyer, forms, bibliography for Pilonidal Sinus

On the one hand, here you will find our bibliography so that you can read the references to our opinion for yourself.

Furthermore, we have compiled all of the internal forms so that you can prepare yourself perfectly for your appointment in our practice.

For your information you will find all information material of our practice as PDF files here.

For those of you who want to know more...
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    Info flyer practice german

    Pilonidal Sinus - OP

    What should be considered before the Pilonidal Sinus operation, how does the outpatient treatment proceed, what is the aftercare like?
    Info flyer: Treatment procedure at Pilonidal Sinus OP

    Laser treatment

    Laser therapy at Pilonidal Sinus Info Flyer
    Info flyer: Laser at Pilonidal Sinus

    Laser applications

    Information flyer about laser technology and application at Pilonidal Sinus, hair removal, hemorrhoids and varices
    Laser treatments in proctology - Information for patients

    Info Flyer Practice English

    Pilonidal Surgery (e)

    Info Flyer Pilonidal Sinus Treatment english
    Info flyer: Outpatient pilonidal surgery

    laser treatment

    Info Flyer Laser Therapy Pilonidal Sinus
    Info flyer: Laser in Pilonidal Sinus Treatment


    Registration private patients (d/e)

    Registration private liquidation company Medas (german)
    Registration for Private Patients (english)

    Private medical treatment contract

    Private medical treatment contract practice Dr. Bernhard Hofer

    Application for assumption of costs IGV

    Consent Application Individual decision


    Pilonidal Sinus general

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    FiLaC / SiLaC/EPSiT

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